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The Iowa Grassroots PAC was founded to encourage young progressives to engage themselves within the Democrat Party. The IGPAC seeks to identify talent within the Party and help candidates develop their skills to compete in the political arena on both the state and local level. The IGPAC was was officially established in December 2016 by Andrew Dunn, TJ Foley, and Cody Woodruff after the 2016 General Election.

Our Mission

The Iowa Grassroots PAC seeks to identify, develop, and support the next generation of democratic talent. Our goal is to place young progressives in local office and work with the party, donors, campaigns, and other operatives to build name recognition and candidate skills capable of retaking Iowa's government and making it work for all Iowans. We also focus on progressive activism by training the next generation of community organizers and volunteers capable of making change in and outside of electoral politics.